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Data Recovery Belvidere

Data missing?  Can’t access your files?  Accidently deleted?  We can help with Data Recovery!

Between our in-house expertise and partnership with DriverSavers we can get your data back.  Our partnership with DriveSavers allows us to pass that savings back to you!

Even as new data storage technologies evolve like Solid State Drives, conventional hard disk drives (HDDs) remain a popular choice for business data storage. Still the cheapest storage option, disc drives have grown in capacity and decreased in size as the price per terabyte of storage has dropped dramatically over the years.

Widely used internally in desktops and laptops hard drives have found their way into our mobile devices, tablets, game consoles, thermostats, DVR’s and more. External drives are also likely to be conventional, and HDD’s are commonly stacked in an enterprise server room. The internet of things, has put the HDD into a growing number of devices and demand for storage is growing.

We trust hard disk drives with financial spreadsheets, documents, photos, videos, music and many other forms of data. As HDD’s are used in more devices in our offices, we may not even realize the impact, until the drive fails and our data is gone!

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are an emerging storage technology that promises lower rates of failure than other forms of storage media. However, as with any form of data storage, these advanced drives still fail. Because the technology is so new in the marketplace compared to conventional HDD’s, most data recovery firms have a lower success rate.

A drive requires logical data recovery if files have been deleted accidentally, are corrupt or have experienced a different software error. At 24 Hour Data, our engineers have a minimum of 10 years of experience, allowing our team to quickly and affordably extract any lost data.

If a hard drive has been physically damaged or is mechanically broken after too many read/write cycles, the drive may require physical data recovery to extract lost data. In this scenario, a drive needs to be repaired, which requires the external enclosure to be opened and the sensitive components inside to be exposed.

We have been providing business computer support in the Rock River Valley for over 15 years!  Rest assured, you’re in safe hands with us.  We have developed the capacity to deliver comprehensive, efficient and professional IT support. We know that if you are visiting our site you likely experienced a breakdown and feeling very frustrated. We understand that type of frustration and are here to help.